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    Adjusting screws for increasing machine productivity - with or without automation

    Approaches, methods and tools for increased productivity and hence more competitive hourly rates

    This seminar will investigate the processes needed for operating existing machines more efficiently and how these processes can be optimized. Participation is especially important for companies wishing to automate milling. It's better to consider consequences in advance.

    The seminar was highly informative and practice-oriented. I especially appreciated the explanation of the entire implementation process for zero-point setup systems. The seminar was also presented without focusing on specific suppliers of zero-point setup systems.

    Wolfgang Häner, Berghoff GmbH & Co. KG

    Target group

    This seminar is intended for managing directors and production and manufacturing managers who want to take action to improve efficiency in milling operations.


    • What processes directly affect machine productivity
    • What does a targeted analysis of deficits look like
    • Presentation of practical examples of which optimization measures can be useful
    • Filling out an Excel spreadsheet to run through various scenarios in theory --> Basis for decision-making, also for future milling automation
    • How do the results from the scenario calculator affect hourly machine rate and thus efficiency
    • How are optimization projects reasonably implemented, also with which departments and documentation
    • Summary and specific roadmap for independently optimizing efficiency


    This seminar highlights the importance of more closely examining the value-adding processes needed to improve machine productivity. Which processes these are and what appropriate analyses and optimization opportunities look like. Not only are the so-called soft facts considered, but also scenarios based on facts and figures to illustrate the effects of different measures. This establishes a basis for decision-making and develops a specific plan for action to optimize machine productivity.
    This seminar also shows how to implement optimization projects. From which departments have to participate, to the necessary documentation.
    The result is a specific roadmap for improving efficiency and machine productivity.

    Seminar on request
    Participants: 5-12
    Duration: 1 day
    Price: Online seminar: €495 and €395 for VDWF members,  Offline seminar: €549 and €495 for VDWF members, 20% discount for every additional participant
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