Tebis Consulting seminars

    Management seminars offered by Tebis Consulting help attendees identify and implement new strategies and efficient, resource-saving solution approaches for their management tasks. If you are a management professional or trainee in business management, manufacturing, or logistics, our seminars can give you the knowledge you need to to target your continuing development, engage people, and make your processes more efficient.

    The seminars are focused on practical requirements and are oriented to current market challenges.
    All trainers are manufacturing-oriented consultants and strategists with Tebis Consulting and have many years of in-practice experience in the strategic alignment and optimization of processes. We address your individual questions and expectations.
    The number of participants is limited to ensure optimal knowledge transfer.

    Seminar overview

    Shaping change with strategy and a modern management cultureFinding opportunity, company orientation for the future, motivating employeesThis seminar presents the basic principles for targeted strategic company orientation and explains the role that a sense of purpose, vision, and business model play in motivating and empowering employees. This seminar also covers successful change management.
    It is intended primarily for managing directors, operations and division managers and management trainees who share responsibility for company development.


    Adjusting screws for increasing machine productivity - with or without automation
    Approaches, methods and tools for increased productivity and hence more competitive hourly rates
    This seminar will investigate the processes needed for operating existing machines more efficiently and how these processes can be optimized.
    Participation is especially important for companies wishing to automate milling. It's better to consider consequences in advance.
    This seminar is intended for managing directors and production and manufacturing managers who want to take action to improve efficiency in milling operations.


    The shop floor – simple, digital and efficient managementStructure, practical tools and simple methods for efficiently managing the shop floorThis seminar presents procedures, relevant structures, and practical tools for digital management of the shop floor.
    It is intended for production managers, managing directors, and production executives who are responsible for organization, efficiency, and quality on the shop floor.


    Successfully mastering the manager's sandwich positionEntrepreneurial thinking, fundamentals, tips and modern methods for greater efficiency in day-to-day workThis seminar clearly presents the extreme importance of entrepreneurial thinking for managers and how to effectively manage and communicate with employees on a day-to-day basis in order to achieve the goals you set. 
    It is intended primarily for middle management such as foremen, department heads, team leaders and in general for managers who are responsible for personnel or technical areas.


    Effective project management: compact and practicalFundamentals & best practices for improved structure, maximum transparency and clear responsibilitiesThe faster markets change and the more complex customer requirements become, the more important solid project management is for small and medium-sized companies.
    This seminar is intended for project managers, production managers, and planners who are responsible for the external and internal organization of customer projects.


    All seminars can also be conducted for your company on request.

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    The seminar was very well presented by Tebis personnel. I really liked the sharing of direct personal experience during the implementation process. All of the advantages and disadvantages were thoroughly discussed. The seminar has helped us avoid errors in advance of the planning process.

    Reinhard van Eek, Work Preparation Manager, Hesse Thermoformung, Emmerich am Rhein

    The seminar "Personnel management and increasing efficiency" was very good. We came away with many new insights.

    Matthias Weible, Pfletschinger & Gauch Betriebs-GmbH

    The seminar "Continuous manufacturing" is concise. It had good presentations that were short and on the point.

    Werner Sixt, Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH