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    Successfully mastering the manager's sandwich position

    Entrepreneurial thinking, fundamentals, tips and modern methods for greater efficiency in day-to-day work

    This seminar clearly presents the extreme importance of entrepreneurial thinking for managers and how to effectively manage and communicate with employees on a day-to-day basis in order to achieve the goals you set.


    The seminar was very good. We came away with many new insights.

    Matthias Weible, Pfletschinger & Gauch Betriebs-GmbH

    Target group

    It is intended primarily for middle management such as foremen, department heads, team leaders and in general for managers who are responsible for personnel or technical areas.


    • Sounding out the current market situation
    • Various relevant influencing factors for increasing efficiency
    • Fundamentals of management competence
    • Tips and tricks on: the transition from colleague to manager
    • Methods and tools for improving employee motivation and personal responsibility
    • Holding effective meetings with employees
    • Successfully managing the change process
    • Networking with other managers


    This seminar gives you the foundation for more entrepreneurial thinking and the basis for the decisions and activities you need to more effectively and productively structure the processes in your organization. You will learn how to motivate employees, successfully conduct meetings, increase personal responsibility, and implement changes successfully and sustainably.
    You can immediately apply this knowledge in your own organization after the seminar. You will be better able to recognize economic and organizational relationships, make the right personnel decisions and apply appropriate practices.

    Seminar on request
    Participants: 5-12
    Duration: 1 day
    Price: Online seminar: €495 and €395 for VDWF members,  Offline seminar: €549 and €495 for VDWF members, 20% discount for every additional participant
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