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    The shop floor – simple, digital and efficient management

    Structure, practical tools and simple methods for efficiently managing the shop floor

    This seminar presents procedures, relevant structures, and practical tools for digital management of the shop floor.

    Target group

    This seminar is intended for production managers, managing directors, and production executives who are responsible for organization, efficiency, and quality on the shop floor.


    • Establishing process prerequisites
    • Communications in shop floor management
    • Defining quality gates – the internal customer
    • Planning, control and visualization
    • Use and introduction of simple digital tools


    You will learn how to use simple, practical tools to bring greater organization, structure and transparency to a manufacturing company. You will also learn which process prerequisites are needed for this and how and which digital tools can be quickly and easily integrated.
    You can immediately apply this knowledge in your own organization after the seminar. You will be able to achieve greater efficiency and productivity in your manufacturing using simple tools.

    Seminar on request
    Participants: 5-12
    Duration: 1 day
    Price: Online seminar: €495 and €395 for VDWF members,  Offline seminar: €549 and €495 for VDWF members, 20% discount for every additional participant
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