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    Our expertise has been gathered over many years of work in the manufacturing industry, and our success comes from our in-depth knowledge of that industry. We have deployments in more than 800 companies.

    We have regularly received awards for outstanding consulting services over the past years. To continue this level of performance, we are continuously expanding our horizons by working in exchange with companies and universities. We are also a co-founder of the market research cooperative Marktspiegel Werkzeugbau, and we maintain our Tebis benchmark database. We pass on the whole of our results to you, to encourage new impetus.

    Learn more by reading about a range of Tebis Consulting projects below.

    Customers report on their experience with Tebis Consulting

    Stolz & Seng – Success story from the injection molding expert
    First published: 2023

    Optimized competitiveness with the business model, production environment and employee motivation!

    Christian Seng, Managing Director

    Stolz & Seng Kunststoffspritzguss und Formenbau GmbH, Donaueschingen, Germany
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    The path to the future: Developing principles for die, model and mold manufacturing companies

    First published: 2021

    "The development of our principles was an extremely complex process, but after a few months you can say to yourself: In the past, I would have held this customer meeting in a completely different way. We’ve since become calmer, more prudent and more confident, and we all follow a common strategy.“

    Florian Krieger, Managing Director

    Krieger Modellbau, Aalen, Germany

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    The company of the future

    First published: 2018

    "We’re now capable of generating runtimes of up to 30 hours in one stretch.

    Jens Buchert, Managing Director

    Karl Walter Formen- und Kokillenbau GmbH & Co. KG, Göppingen, Germany

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    The ICU for businesses

    We are very proud to be in the brand eins magazine. But read for yourself …

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    Our highest standard is continual optimization of all processes in our company. So it was important for us to get valuable incentives from an external perspective so we could better orient our processes. During this process, we especially benefited from Mr. Rausch's extensive manufacturing experience and his advice throughout the entire project. We’re pleased with the progress we’ve achieved together and will be happy to recommend Tebis Consulting at any time.
    Manuel Gmeiner, Managing Director, Heron Innovations Factory GmbH
    As an entrepreneur, you know your company very well and you understand its strengths and weaknesses. But an external assessment was very important to me for just this reason. The experts from Tebis Consulting investigated our processes through a highly structured, in-depth analysis and developed an entire series of recommended actions – and in some cases, completely different and unexpected priorities. As a result, we’ll be taking some major steps towards optimization and improvement with an internal team – and what’s very important to me, with more support from Tebis Consulting. It’s paying off.
    Jens Biedermann, Managing Director, BE Technologie
    An intelligent and forward-looking approach to the skilled labor shortage is to have the right people with the right skills at the right place to perform the right tasks. One of the most important resources at our latitude are the people with their expertise, talents and skills, which we have to deploy responsibly and in a targeted manner. One of the first key steps is to relieve personnel of routine activities so they can focus on the important tasks.

    Life is precious! Wasteful use of employee hours isn’t just economically unwise, it’s also foolish. The tools, methods and philosophies at Tebis Consulting help us manage these challenging tasks now and in the future.

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Seul,
    Applied Plastics Engineering, Hochschule Schmalkalden,
    President of the German Association of Tool and Mold Manufacturers (VDWF) e.V.,
    President of Forschungsgemeinschaft Deutscher Werkzeug- und Formenbauer (FDWF) e.V.
    We at the VDWF are grateful for the many years of collaboration in a spirit of trust with Tebis Consulting, especially because we regularly receive valuable contributions and ideas for our events and members that are in tune with the latest trends and the pulse of the industry. And the shop floors!
    Ralf Dürrwächter, Managing Director, VDWF
    "We’re grateful to Tebis Consulting for the comprehensive and groundbreaking process consulting. We especially want to emphasize the future-oriented approach taken by Mr. Markus Rausch.

    He quickly gained the trust of the entire team with his excellent understanding of people and the industry.

    Especially in these difficult economic times (automotive and COVID-19 crises), it's important for us to get an objective picture from the outside and to quickly implement the resulting insights.

    We’re pleased to have gotten started on process optimization with Tebis Consulting and our young in-house team.
    Stephan Weischer, Josef Weischer GmbH & Co. KG
    Tebis Consulting does credit to its name with its motto "Consulting on equal terms." They worked with our seven employees from the milling department to develop new processes and work models for the new 5-axis machining center.
    My team was fully motivated and are 100 percent behind the results of their project. To create such a productive work atmosphere, it's important for a moderator to establish a spirit of teamwork on an equal footing.

    This was optimally implemented by Tebis Consulting.
    Thank you!
    Christian Seng, Managing Director, Stolz & Seng Kunststoffspritzguss und Formenbau GmbH
    I experienced Tebis Consulting as a partner who supports us in preventing daily business from holding back improvements and change. A consultant who communicates with everyone on an equal basis and establishes understanding and trust.
    Andreas Scheffold, Head of Vorserie Mast Kunststoffe GmbH
    I trust Tebis Consulting because I value good and authentic relationships.
    Thorsten Kerner, Managing Director, Kerner CAD FOR CAM GmbH
    I trust Tebis Consulting, because their on-site analysis and involvement of employees enables them to determine and implement realistic recommended actions.
    Peter Pakulla, Commercial Managing Director, Pakulla GmbH Formen-und Werkzeugbau

    "Tebis Consulting has enabled us to involve our employees from the very beginning. The measures developed in the team are supported on all levels. This makes implementation far easier.

    Michael Gauch and Roland Pfletschinger, Managing Directors, Pfletschinger & Gauch GmbH

    I trust Tebis Consulting, because as an external consultant with extensive industry experience they offer a better chance of involving all employees.

    Matthias Croner, Managing Director, Croner Formenbau
    I trust Tebis Consulting because meetings with business and operations management and with employees are on an equal footing.
    Horst Schmidt, Managing Director, Pelz-Technik
    I trust Tebis Consulting because they’re competent, fast, flexible and persistent.
    Carsten Nacke, Managing Director, SNW Formenbau

    Working in close collaboration with Tebis Consulting enabled us to establish optimal process structures in 3- and 5-axis machining. We were able to shorten our throughput time and improve our quality.

    Wolfgang Schirm, Owner, Schirm Modellbau GmbH & Co. KG

    Clear recommendations for optimization of our processes and our future digitalization strategy were developed in a highly pragmatic process analysis. Industry 4.0 Scouting is perfectly tailored to the requirements of small and medium-sized manufacturers.

    Sigmund Grimm, managing partner, Hommel+Keller Präzisionswerkzeuge GmbH

    Thanks to process and investment advice, we were able to increase our productivity by 15% per year. Even during the 2009-2010 crisis we could invest in new machines and technology to continuously improve our financial position despite the collapsed market at the time.

    Matthias Reuss, Managing director, M.Reuss GmbH, Germany

    Every now and then, and especially when things get difficult, an outside perspective can make all the difference. To offer our customers better lead times and more on-time delivery, the entire GEZEA team spent three days working intensively with Mr. Rausch from Tebis Consulting. After a few weeks of intensive planning of the proposed measures, now it's time to take action. We are confident that we will become an even better mold and die manufacturing partner.

    Henning Köllner, managing director, GEZEA GmbH

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