Your contacts – our background

    As an independent business unit of Tebis AG, we have a deep bank of experience in cooperating with small and medium-size companies. We have grown along with the die, model, and mold manufacturing industry –the sector with the largest high-tech quotient in Germany – so we are perfectly equipped to pass on our expertise to other companies.

    What is important for us:
    • Focus on our clients’ benefit, not on selling consulting services. Our work is goal-oriented and measurable.
    • Maintain objectivity and neutrality.
    • Employ humanity, empathy, and a personal touch in communications.
    • Foster a long-term partnership on an equal basis.
    • Strive for further development and measurable progress.
    • Enjoy our work and feel a strong sense of individual motivation.
    • Satisfy our clients, including everyone on the implementation team.
    Jens Lüdtke
    "Our daily motivation is to ensure a good result, recognition and satisfaction of the roles in the company. In conveying ideas and knowledge, our focus is therefore always on the human element!"
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    Julian Odeh

    "I want to help manufacturing companies respond to market changes with strategic process and investment consulting."

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    Markus Rausch
    "My goal is to find process and productivity gaps and to make companies more competitive with automation solutions."
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    Burak Beklenoglu

    "I wish to make a valuable contribution to the future viability of corporations with solutions for economically and ecologically sustainable development."

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    Tomek Kawala

    "What drives me: With targeted digitalization, companies in the German-speaking region can continue to manufacture profitably."

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    Tiago Ferreira

    "I am deeply interested in the quality of life of the people in the company. The right software and new production concepts give them the flexibility they need."

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