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    Have a look at our free tools, such as the machine hourly cost calculator or the guideline for simple detailed manufacturing planning with Outlook and utilization overview in Excel.

    Machine hourly cost calculator
    This Excel-based tool helps you calculate the hourly sales costs for your machines. It includes all relevant factors, and it's easy to use: all terms are defined. The results give a sense of how machine run time affects hourly costs – a critical factor in your company's competitiveness. Looking at it another way, the tool can also calculate how much time a machine needs to work to achieve a good return on your investment. It’s worth taking the time to run these numbers....
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    Bill of materials and progress tracking
    This tool closely resembles a normal bill of materials, but it allows you to track the manufacturing progress of individual parts. You gain improved information flow and better visibility of the overall project. Complete guidelines for use are included.
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    Manufacturing planning and utilization overview
    These free Excel tools are provided to aid in implementation. They enable simple, quick, yet detailed planning of your manufacturing, including resource utilization. Using these tools will help you become familiar with the “mindset” of production management systems. This understanding makes it easier for you and your employees to then introduce a manufacturing execution system (MES) application, in which we will gladly support you. Guidance for setting up Outlook for use with these tools is also included....
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