Cutting data input

    • Are cutting data regularly changed in the NC program on the machine?
    • Is it difficult for your key user to keep the database up to date, or does this require a lot of time?
    • Is your milling quality consistent?
    • Do your tool parameters reflect your manufacturing expertise?
    Your benefits:
    • Overview of changes in cutting data for each tool in comparison with the tool database
    • Option of deciding whether or not to input which data
    • Automated input of modified cutting data in the database
    • Increased acceptance by Manufacturing for cutting data from Programming
    • Can be used immediately on receipt
    • No configuration necessary
    • No license required
    • 7-day trial period
    Available as a Windows App (portable)

    One-time price - €1,990
    Please note that users are not entitled to maintenance or updates for this tool.
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